How much should I feed my cat?

This depends on the type of food used. All cat foods have recommended feeding guidelines on the back.

Each of these foods help to support your cat�s well being in a number of different ways.

  1. They promote the growth of muscles, bones and teeth.

  2. They support your cat�s natural defences.

  3. They ensure digestive security.

  4. They have a high energy content adapted to your cat�s stomach.

  5. They have highly digestible proteins which help reduce the amount of stools.

 Measuring cups are available with these foods to give an accurate daily amount. The amount fed to your pet is based on the age,weight and lifestyle of your cat.

How often should I feed my cat?

Kittens of 8 weeks of age should be fed 4 small meals per day.

Kittens between 2 and 6 months should be fed 3 meals per day.

Kittens over 6 months and adult cats should be fed twice daily.

Kittens grow very rapidly and therefore need to be fed a complete and balanced kitten food to meet there nutritional requirements.

How do I change my cat�s diet?

When changing a cat�s diet it should be done gradually over a period of 4 days. Gradually introduce the new food to the original food and over the following days increase the amount of new food while reducing the original food.

Do I need to give my cat water?


All animals should have a bowl of fresh drinking water available to them at all times.

Please let us advise you on the best food to feed your cat.